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A date for your diary.

Kilgraney House on Thursday 27th July at 2.30pm.

Grow for Flavour with James Wong.


We’re delighted that James Wong, ethnobotanist, television presenter and garden designer, will be our guest speaker for this year’s Carlow Garden Festival event at Kilgraney House. 

 James, best known for presenting the award-winning television series ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’, will talk about his gardening successes and, in particular, on how to grow fruit and vegetables so they’ll fulfil that elusive promise of home grown produce – amazing taste.

 James will share tips for growing for flavour and explain how seed varieties, growing techniques, harvesting and storage can all impact on the taste of your own home-grown produce.


Entrance fee is €20.00.

Places for this event are limited so please book online

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