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'Beautiful Kilgraney offers one of the most total and holistic 
experiences in modern Irish hospitality.'

John McKenna, Bridgestone 100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland


Surrounded by a fragrant herb garden, AromaSpa is a spectacular setting for an authentic aromatherapy experience. Key facilities, such as the relaxation area and the outdoor thermal pool, have calming views over the Barrow Valley and beyond. Our therapists may use some of these fresh herbs either to enhance your treatment experience or for relaxing post-treatment herbal tisanes.

AromaSpa is dedicated to aromatherapy and we offer an all-encompassing selection of treatments for both men and women.

All AromaSpa treatments incorporate luxurious essential oil blends formulated by internationally renowned Aromatherapy Associates.

Our therapists are passionate about their work and ensure that they deliver the very best treatment every time and are willing, if required, to offer advice on aftercare and home treatment.

The AromaCology suite at AromaSpa incorporates a series of aromatherapy-inspired experiences for you to enjoy during your stay.